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The 'Ajwa Dates' is a well-known variety of dates grown in Medina, Saudi Arabia, and has a long history of cultivation there. These dates, which vary in colour from a dark brown to almost black, are delightfully soft and delicious, reminiscent of prunes. They are available in a variety of colours. They are often of the dry kind. Because of their origins in paradise, they are known as paradise dates. Therefore, the price is inconsequential for those who practice religion.

The Advantages of Consuming Ajwa Dates

When it comes to superfoods, dates, the delectable fruit of the date palm tree, are often recognized as one of the best. It is said by the USDA that these fruits are abundant in essential minerals and vitamins, as well as fibre and that they give a range of health benefits for both the body and the mind. In terms of preparation, dates are one of the most flexible foods available, and they may be eaten fresh from the palm trees, dried and preserved for an extended amount of time, or frozen and stored for an extended period. The Ajwa dates variety is especially well-known worldwide, even though there are more than 600 other varieties of dates available, each with its characteristic shape and flavour. The Ajwa date is a famous variety of dates grown in Medina, Saudi Arabia, and has a long history of cultivation there. These dates, which vary in colour from a dark brown to almost black, are delightfully soft and delicious, reminiscent of prunes. They are available in a variety of colours. They are often of the dry kind.

Cardiovascular health

Heart attacks are becoming increasingly prevalent in today's culture as the population grows older. It is believed that eating Ajwa dates daily would help prevent blood vessels from constricting, strengthen the heart, and help the cardiovascular system perform better. That Ajwa dates are rich in vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B, which is essential in removing dangerous homocysteine levels from one's system and verifies its beneficial effects on one's cardiovascular health and well-being. Magnesium, which may be found in these dates, is advantageous in regulating heart rhythm.

The health of bones and teeth

One of the health benefits of Ajwa dates is that they may be able to assist you in overcoming calcium deficiency problems. The health of the bones and teeth is enhanced by the high calcium and phosphorus content of this kind of date. Calcium and phosphorus are necessary for maintaining the health of the bones and teeth. Because of the high quantities of minerals found in these dates, they are regarded as a superfood for bone health and the prevention and treatment of painful conditions like arthritis.


Dates contain significant quantities of naturally occurring sweeteners such as glucose, fructose, and sucrose, which, when taken, cause an immediate spike in energy levels. The fact that Ajwa dates have a low Glycemic Index means that they significantly benefit diabetic people since they do not produce a substantial surge in blood sugar levels when ingested in significant numbers.

Source of antioxidants

Ajwa dates are a substantial source of antioxidants, which may boost the immune system's overall performance. Additionally, selenium and the other critical components might help prevent cancer development. As well as assisting in the prevention and treatment of several ailments, it also helps to build and maintain one's own body's immune system. Include Ajwa dates in your daily diet to aid the body in restoring the appropriate functioning of its immune system.

Extend to expecting moms

Eating Ajwa dates regularly throughout pregnancy helps activate the womb muscles, which aids in the movement of the womb during the time of delivery. Additionally, these dates are beneficial in reducing post-natal hemorrhage. In addition, according to popular belief, the health benefits of Ajwa dates are said to extend to expecting moms.

Maintain a regular blood pressure reading.

One of the most underestimated health benefits of Ajwa dates is that it may help manage blood pressure and enhance the performance of your kidneys, which is feasible. It has a long shelf life in Saudi Arabia and other parts of the world, such as Pakistan and India, contributing to its high demand.

It would help if you avoided atherosclerosis at all costs.

Blood vessels become clogged as plaque accumulates within them, making it more difficult for the blood to circulate normally. This could be extremely dangerous for the patient, resulting in high blood pressure and other complications.

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Ajwa Dates | Market Rates

Product Description

Ajwa Dates are known for their sweetness and flavour. These dates are often used in Middle Eastern dishes and are eaten year-round.
  • Packing material: hard box/carton
  • Packing type: 20 kg wholesale box / 5 kg retail carton
  • Location: Vashi/Sanpada Market, Navi Mumbai
  • Availability: throughout the year
  • Price Range: Rs 400/kg - Rs 1200/Kg.
  • Mode of Payment: TT/NEFT/RTGS/cash
  • Quality: Premium Dates 
  • Payment terms: Cash and Carry
  • Transportation: Available across India

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