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Why the Barni Date is India's Tastiest Date

Barni Dates - India's Tastiest Dates | 500 grams pack    Why the Barni Date is India's Tastiest Date The Barni Date is one of the most popular dates in India because of its firm and long body. When it’s ripe, it has a deep golden brown exterior that appeals to many Indian consumers. This date also has a particularly memorable rustic texture and aftertaste, which makes the Barni Dates price in India high in demand among local consumers in India. Although the Barni is fibrous, mildly sweet, and easy to bite through, few people know that the Barni has another great quality: it’s delicious!   Reasons why people love dates Dates are a traditional and healthy food with many benefits. They're also one of the most popular date varieties in Saudi Arabia, where they're often served with rice at dinner or as a snack. They're sold throughout India, but the best place to buy dates in India is from the Date wholesale market . The Barni Date is India's tastiest date and