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Arabic Classes Introduction: Seawoods, a vibrant area in Navi Mumbai, is witnessing the growth and promotion of Arabic culture through educational and therapeutic services. This article highlights the opportunities available for learning Arabic and Urdu languages, as well as the benefits of Hijama (cupping therapy) sessions provided by Imam Shamshad. Arabic and Urdu Language Classes: For individuals interested in learning Arabic and Urdu, expert coaching is available in Seawoods and Nerul. The curriculum, known as Nesaab, covers a wide range of subjects to ensure a comprehensive learning experience. The syllabus includes Noorani Quida, Qur'an reading, Qur'an Hifz (memorization), daily duas (prayers), Islamic studies, Deeni tarbiyat (religious upbringing), Urdu writing and reading, as well as Arabic writing and speaking. These classes cater to people of all ages, from 5 to 75 years, and are conducted separately for men and women. Both online and offline classes are available, wi