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Buy Dates Online | Pure and Natural Dates in India

Buy Dates Online |  Pure and Natural Dates in India : Soft and semi-dried, our Seedless Omani and Sudi Arabian Dates are easily distinguished by their distinct deep black/brown colour, medium-small size, and seedlessness. These dates are naturally sweet, tender, and pulpy, making them a treat for anyone. These dates come straight from Oman's finest orchards. After these tasty dates have arrived in India, they are processed in a facility that complies with FSSAI Food Safety Standards by being sorted, pitted, and packaged. Under the watchful eye of the best quality inspectors, each date is carefully selected, checked for foreign materials and other irregularities, and lovingly packaged. What sets us apart from the competition is our dedication to making high-quality, all-natural snacks using unusual, fresh, and delicious ingredients and providing them to as many people as possible. We work hard to keep the snack's high standards, as it is made from ingredients that are both healt

Buy Dates online best Quality imported Dates/Khajoor at low price.

  Buy Dates Online | Best Quality Imported Dates Buy Dates online  Best Quality imported Dates / Khajoor at a Low price. Ajwa dates are a coveted variety that It can only produce in Medina, Saudi Arabia. The Ajwa date is a famous type of data that can range in colour from a deep brown to nearly black and is only grown in Medina, Saudi Arabia. Dates from the Khan dry fruits collection range in colour from a deep brown to almost black, and they have a soft, fruity, prune-like flavour.  Ajwa Dates (Khajoor or Khajur)  contain many nutrients important for good health and development, including calcium, sulphur, iron, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, vitamin B6, and other vitamins, folic acid, protein, sugar, and natural fibres. Premium Quality Dates (Madina Imported) Dates of exceptional quality (Madina Imported) Madiana Munawara, 450 g (Khajoor or Khajur), The holy date is a type of date revered by Muslims for its sweet, raisin-like flesh and skin that ranges in colour from dark brown to