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Latest Zahedi Dates | Pind Khajur | Today's Market Rates | Dates Price Per Kilogram in Mumbai (India). 

Latest Zahedi Dates | Pind Khajur Rates | Today's Market Rates | Dates Price Per Kilogram in Mumbai (India) |  Zahidi Dates To offer red Zahedi dates (Pind Khajur) at a lower price than the market, we have established fantastic cooperation with date importers from all around India. Customers in the business-to-business and direct-to-customer segments benefit from the competitive pricing of Zahedi Dates from the date wholesale market in Vashi, one of India's most well-known date marketplaces. We are located near India's biggest dates market, APMC dates market . Therefore, we wholesale and supply wet Zahedi dates (Pind Khajur) in Mumbai and other date marketplaces across India. The date wholesale market in Sanpada/Vashi is one of India's most important date marketplaces, and it provides Zahidi dates at the most reasonable prices in the country. This has allowed us to build fantastic relationships with our business contacts all over the globe by acquiring these unique and
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A Date with Destiny: The Business of Dates in Canada and the USA

Understanding the Date Market in the USA and Canada: The fruit of the date palm tree, also known as Phoenix dactylifera, is one of the sweetest and most nutritious fruits found on earth. It’s full of nutritional benefits that make it a perfect snack food or dessert item to include on any occasion, be it weddings or business lunches or just family picnics. Where do dates grow in the USA? California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas, and Florida are states where date farming is prevalent. Medjool dates grown from this region are exported to many parts of the world including North America. Business startups in this industry should be conscious of their supply chain. Maintaining control over their product from cultivation to export is imperative for success. What are the advantages of dates business? Dates Business in USA and Canada is a highly lucrative business. People can start their own businesses by farming, processing, or exporting dates. It's been said that one acre of date p

Zahedi Dates: Is the Price of Your Favorite Fruit Going Up?

If you’re a fan of Zahedi dates , get ready to adjust your budget: the price of this tasty fruit is on the rise, and there’s no sign of it dropping back down in the near future. Experts say it’s all due to one major factor: climate change. The weather patterns affecting Zahedi trees have been shifting recently, and they don’t look like they’re going back anytime soon. What are Zahedi dates? Zahidi dates are a type of date grown in Iran. Zahedi dates have become more popular in recent years, mostly due to their lower price when compared to other types of dates. The price for Zahedi dates has been increasing in recent years and is expected to continue doing so. This is because an Iranian drought has caused some farmers to stop growing Zahidi dates, meaning that there will be less supply on the market. Why should you care about these Zahidi Date prices It's no secret that food prices have been on the rise in recent years. One fruit that has seen a substantial increase in price is Zah

Why Russia is Importing the Best Quality Saudi Dates

Russia is one of the biggest importers of Saudi Arabian dates , and this trend shows no sign of changing any time soon due to its unique taste and health benefits. The world’s largest country has plenty of land with ideal conditions for growing high-quality dates, but Russia is looking elsewhere because it prefers the superior taste of Saudi dates. This trend shows no sign of changing, so what makes Saudi dates so special? Does Russia import Saudi Arabian dates? Russia imports many different types of dates from around the world , but one of the most popular and sought-after are from Saudi Arabia.  Saudi Arabian dates are highly demanded in Russian countries for their high quality and taste. Cost of 1Kg Saudi Date in Russia (price/Kg in ₽ RUB) Dates are a delicacy that originated in the Middle East and can now be found in many places worldwide. They come in various varieties, sizes, and shapes but have a similar flavour profile. For example, some popular types of dates include Medjool a

The Best Dates in Saudi Arabia - Why They're the Best Quality

Date palms (Phoenix dactylifera) are an ancient plant that grows in subtropical regions around the world and has been cultivated since ancient times, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa. The fruit of the date palm tree is called a date, and as you can see from the image above, they come in many colours, sizes, and shapes. Their flavour ranges from mildly sweet to sticky-sweet and can be eaten fresh or dried out into preserves like Date Sugar or Date Syrup. Dates originated in Saudi Arabia Saudi dates are some of the most popular and sought-after fruits worldwide. This is because they are one of the most delicious, nutritious, and visually appealing fruits on earth. The fruit has been cultivated for over 6,000 years, starting in Saudi Arabia. In fact, they are so popular that it's been said that if you want to know where a date originated from just take a look at what shape it is. Where can you get dates locally? Haramain Sharifain is a family-owned business that import

Hijamah: An Ancient Cupping Therapy

What if I told you that you could get rid of your aches, pains and even some skin conditions through the simple act of suction? Well, you can, but you’ll need to travel back in time about three thousand years to do so. Hijamah, also called Cupping Therapy, has been used since the earliest days of Arabic history as an effective treatment for all kinds of maladies, including pain relief and disease prevention. What is Cupping? Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine. It involves a therapist placing a cup or glass over an injured part of your body, creating suction on your skin by either using heat or simply allowing air to expand in the cup, and then releasing it. The pressure helps move blood and fluids throughout your body, which increases your circulation while loosening tight muscles, leading to pain relief and improved healing. Where did cupping come from? The practice of cupping originated in China more than 2,000 years ago. It has since been used to treat a numb

Talbina - A sweet way to follow the sunnah

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, Whoever eats seven ‘Ajwa dates every morning, will not be affected by poison or magic on the day he eats them (Bukhari). If you aren’t able to eat ‘Ajwa dates every morning, we recommend that you enjoy some delicious talbina instead! They are also considered to have healing and anti-stress effects, as well as being sweet and very tasty! In this blog post about talbina, we’ll tell you more about this sunnah product and how it can improve your health. What Is Talbina? Talbina is a porridge made from barley flour, water and honey. It's often cooked with dates and raisins, which are also known as the people of dates in Arabic. The Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) recommended eating talbina when sad events happen for its effect on soothing hearts and relieving sadness. It can be served hot or cold, with or without milk. Some people prefer it mixed with yogurt instead of milk. Title: How to Eat Talbina? How Do You Eat Talbina?: Many people like to eat talbina afte

Why Saudi Arabian Dates Are the Most Profitable Business in India (Dates Business Plan)

Saudi Arabian Dates -  Big business plans in India with Saudi Arabian dates. There are over 5,000 varieties of dates worldwide, but Saudi Arabian dates stand out as some of the most delicious and profitable. They’re packed full of energy and nutrients and have an unbeatable shelf-life, and the demand for them continues to grow in India and around the world. If you know what you’re doing, it’s easy to get into the dates business in Saudi Arabia and reap the benefits. Read on to learn more about what makes Saudi Arabian dates such a lucrative investment! The most profitable business India and Indian subcontinents comprise many different cultures and languages. However, there are two things that unite them all: delicious food and a high population. While some of these countries have more land than others, all of them have large populations. This means that there is a demand for businesses in India, especially when it comes to food. In fact, some of these countries like China and India im