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 EXPERT GUIDE TO THE TOP 10 PREFERRED DATE VARIETIES IN MALAYSIA 2023 Introduction: As a beloved snack with a rich history, dates have firmly established themselves in the hearts of Malaysians. This comprehensive guide takes you through the top 10 preferred date varieties in Malaysia for 2023 . From taste and texture to nutritional value, we delve into why these date choices are gaining popularity and becoming favorites among Malaysian consumers. Section 1: Unveiling the Malaysian Date Scene 1.1 Dates: A Staple in Malaysian Culture: Discover how dates have seamlessly integrated into Malaysian culture, gracing tables during festive occasions and everyday moments alike. Their natural sweetness and versatility have made them a cherished treat. Section 2: The Top 10 Preferred Date Varieties 2.1 Medjool: The King of Dates: Explore why Medjool dates, with their succulent texture and caramel-like flavor, have garnered a royal reputation among Malaysian consumers. These dates are celebrated fo