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  Step-by-Step Guide to Buying Premium Safawi Dates in the Wholesale Market 1. Research and identify reputable wholesale suppliers of premium Safawi dates. Look for suppliers with a proven track record of quality and reliable service. 2. Contact wholesale distributors directly. Find their contact information on their websites or through business directories. Inquire about their Safawi date offerings, including quality, packaging, and pricing. 3. Compare prices and terms from multiple distributors. Consider the quality of dates, packaging options, additional services, payment terms, and delivery options. 4. To verify quality assurance, request samples or inquire about their quality measures. Ensure the dates meet your desired standards and market suitability. 5. Negotiate terms and potential volume discounts with the distributors. Discuss adjusting the price based on the quantity you intend to purchase. 6. Once negotiations are complete, confirm the final wholesale pricing for Saf