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How to Experience the Freshest Iran Mazafati Dates Harvest Season 2023 with Dimit Trading Company

Fresh Iran Mazafati Dates 2023
Fresh Iran Mazafati Dates 2023


As the harvest season for Iran's renowned Mazafati dates approaches, Dimit Trading Company invites you to indulge in the freshest and highest-quality dates available. With our extensive experience in dates production and export, we guarantee a delightful culinary experience for our customers worldwide. Join us in this journey and schedule a business trip to Iran to personally procure the finest dates from Dimit Trading Company. Contact Mr. Milad, our expert guide, to ensure a seamless and rewarding purchasing experience.

The Harvest Season:

The Mazafati dates, known for their rich flavor, soft texture, and dark color, are harvested from late summer to early fall. The 2023 harvest season promises an abundant yield of these exquisite fruits, cultivated with care on our 100-hectare field in Iran. With meticulous observation and adherence to world standards, we guarantee that only the best-quality dates make it to our packaging.

Why Choose Dimit Trading Company:

1. Uncompromising Quality: Dimit Trading Company prides itself on selecting the finest Mazafati dates, ensuring that each date meets our strict quality criteria. We prioritize quality at every step of the production process to offer you the best possible product.

2. Hygienic Packaging: Our dates are carefully packed in completely hygienic conditions, guaranteeing their freshness, taste, and nutritional value. We understand the importance of maintaining the highest standards to meet the expectations of our customers.

3. Professional Designing Team: Our highly skilled designing team constantly presents attractive and up-to-date packaging designs, making Dimit Trading Company a preferred choice for customers looking for both quality and aesthetics.

Schedule Your Business Trip:

To experience the magic of the Mazafati dates harvest season firsthand, we invite you to schedule a business trip to Iran. Immerse yourself in the culture, witness the harvest process, and handpick the dates that meet your preferences. Our team will be there to guide and assist you throughout your visit, ensuring a fruitful and memorable experience.

Contact Mr. Milad for Expert Guidance:

For expert guidance on dates purchases and to facilitate your business trip to Iran, Mr. Milad is here to assist you. With his extensive knowledge and experience in the dates industry, he can provide valuable insights, answer your queries, and help you make informed decisions regarding your purchases.


As the leading exporter of dates from Iran, Dimit Trading Company offers you the opportunity to relish the freshness and quality of Mazafati dates from the 2023 harvest season. Schedule your business trip to Iran, and under the expert guidance of Mr. Milad, procure the finest dates that meet your requirements. With Dimit Trading Company, you can trust in our commitment to mutual and win-win cooperation, ensuring a delightful partnership for all your dates needs.

Note: Please ensure to check and comply with any travel advisories or restrictions related to international travel to Iran before planning your trip.

Fresh Iran Mazafati Dates 2023
Fresh Iran Dates 2023

Step-by-Step Guide to Schedule Your Trip to Iran and Visit Dimit Trading Company:

1. Fill out the Trip Schedule Form:

   - Name: [Your First Name]

   - Last Name: [Your Last Name]

   - Company Name: [Your Company Name]

   - Passport No: [Your Passport Number]

   - Requested Arrival Time to Iran: [Specify your preferred arrival date and time]

   - Requested Departure Time from Iran: [Specify your preferred departure date and time]

2. Visa Application:

   - Submit your passport details to Dimit Trading Company.

   - Dimit Trading Company will process your visa application, which usually takes around 2 weeks.

   - The visa processing will include scanning your passport at the embassy as per the specified date on your visa schedule.

3. Flight to Iran:

   - Dimit Trading Company will plan the incoming flight time to coincide with your arrival and the scheduled visit to their cold storage and garden.

   - Make necessary arrangements for your international flight to Iran, considering the provided arrival time.

4. Domestic Flight:

   - Dimit Trading Company will arrange and book domestic flights within Iran for you.

   - The dates and details of your domestic flights will be communicated to you in accordance with the schedule.

5. Hotel Accommodation:

   - Dimit Trading Company will arrange hotel rooms for your stay.

   - Upon arrival in the destination city (Tehran, Kerman, etc.), a representative from Dimit Trading Company will guide you to the hotel for rest and relaxation.

6. Return Flight:

   - The return flight will depart from Tehran.

   - Dimit Trading Company has planned one night in Tehran for you to purchase gifts or explore the city.

   - The specific date of the return flight will be communicated to you by Dimit Trading Company.

Contact Information:

- Website:

- Export Manager Email:

- WhatsApp Number: +989193267831

- Milad Shojaei (Mr): Market Development Manager of Dimit Company

Note: Please ensure that you check and comply with any travel advisories or restrictions related to international travel to Iran before planning your trip.

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