Where can I sell my dates ?

Where do I find Dates Buyers? Selling Dates in India!

Dates are among the most popular fruits in the subcontinent, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and other nations. Having fresh dates in your diet may protect you from various ailments, both directly and indirectly. Because of this, the demand for Dates business in India is growing at an ever-rising rate. It is easier and more lucrative to run a Dates business in Mumbai. Is it possible to open a dates business in Mumbai, India?

Selling Dates in India!
Date Buyers in India. 

Dates in India: A Quick Guide

Kutch, a region in Gujarat, is the primary location in India where Dates are grown. India is one of the places where dates are in great demand because of the high demand and profit. To begin with, you have the option of importing dates from Saudi Arabia or arranging dates in India. After completing the last stage, go on to the next one. Remember that the following steps are almost identical whether you purchase dates from India or import them.

Demand for Dates in India

People are becoming more mindful of their sugar levels and seeking new and exciting ways to fulfil their sweets desires. Dates are the most acceptable sugar substitute because of the natural sugar. Dates are becoming more sought after due to all of these factors.

A plethora of essentials and machines

To begin with, all businesses need some equipment or supplies. There is nothing to be concerned about! A lot of equipment is not required for Khajur's operation. Here is some excellent news for you: You can even start this company from your own house. Check out the machinery and equipment we have compiled for the dates industry.

Wealth of health

Because of its versatility and several health advantages, dates have enthralled the Indian populace. Nutritionists and physicians widely recommend dates because they help build bones, keep the nervous system energized, promote digestion, and keep cholesterol levels in check. It is also an excellent remedy for a hangover. Medical disorders including night blindness, hyperacidity, obesity, dehydration, childhood anxiety, and skin allergies may all be kept at bay by eating a diet high in dates.

Best Markets in India where I can sell dates

Johari Bazaar and Kannauj Market are two of the many marketplaces you may visit in India. You may find a particular sort of product in each market. This list includes a few of India's top marketplaces.

·      Chandni Chowk, Delhi

·      Connaught Place, Delhi

·      Johari Bazaar, Jaipur

·      Bapu Bazaar, Jaipur

·      Crawford Market, Mumbai

·      APMC Market, Vashi, Navi Mumbai

·      Flea Markets, Goa

·      Karma Kettle, Kolkata

·      Laad Bazaar, Hyderabad

Best Dates brands in India

We have listed the top five Indian dates brands to make an informed decision. So, if you are looking for the most significant dates in India, start by learning about the many available types.

1. Happilo International Premium Omani

Dates from Happilo are widely regarded as some of the finest in India. This company's goods are the best since they are devoid of preservatives and dried using only natural methods. Diarrhea may be prevented by eating Happilo's dates with the high potassium content. So, stock up on the Happilo Premium International Omani Dates and savour the benefits of its high protein content, which will help you grow strong muscles and maintain a healthy weight. You may buy a 250- or 500-gram bag of these dates online from any grocery delivery service.

2. Medjool Plus Premium

Medjool Plus Premium dates have been widely praised and renowned for their exceptional quality. Since its debut, Medjool's most acceptable dates in India have been a popular choice for many individuals. You may find a variety of nutrients, sugar, energy, and fibre in this brand's dates. Persons who want to reduce weight because of their excellent nutritional content also eat them. The great thing is that Medjool dates, among the top-quality dates in India, are readily available on any online retailer, including Amazon pantry. In addition, you may store these dates at room temperature for up to 15 days. Afterwards, you may keep them in the fridge.

3. Ajwa Al-Saudi, the Marksman.

A 500-gram packet of Ajwa Khajoor costs between Rs. 1500 and Rs. 2000 in India, and it may be bought online or at any retail establishment. Dates from Saudi Arabia's Ajwa region are regarded as some of the best in the world. People who have eaten these dates agree that they are the greatest. It is much better than that since Markstor Ajwa Al-Saudi maintained authenticity through several quality tests, grades, and colours. To learn that Ajwa date powder is utilized to treat clogged heart arteries and cholesterol disorders would surprise you.

4. Soft Kimia from the Dry Fruit Hub

Dry Fruit Hub Soft dates are a must-have while discussing the most significant online Kimia dates. If you want to eat dates that are both soft and rich in minerals, this is the best option since it is an excellent bone-building meal. Dates are also a great source of vitamins, which improve nervous system function and general wellness. You may prevent many chronic ailments with the aid of these dates, which are rich in antioxidants. In India, a 400-gram bag of these top-quality dates ranges from Rs. 300 to Rs. 350, depending on the brand. Dates from Dry Fruit Hub are all-natural and devoid of additives or preservatives. As a result, you may relax and eat them daily. We are sure that these dates will help you maintain a healthy weight and keep your muscles strong.

5. Kimia Markstor's Original

The most significant dates in India are Markstor Original Kimia Dates. Originally from Iran, these dates have a shelf life of roughly 15 days. Kimia dates have a silky, fresh feel that almost melts in your tongue. Indeed, these dates have the most effective moisture content of any other date kind, making them even more sensitive and velvety. The most significant thing is that Kimia dates are cholesterol-free and have just a tiny amount of fat, further enhancing their nutritional value. This firm sells its dates in 500-gram packages at the low price of Rs 350. Any online retailer, such as Amazon, will ship it to you. Is not it wonderful? So, hurry up and get your box if you want to see results right now!

No date for dates

Gujarat is the biggest date producer in India, although it is one of the few states where it is legal to cultivate dates. Rajasthan and Maharashtra have started growing in recent years, although these regions have yet to enjoy the rewards. Meanwhile, the southern Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala are establishing themselves as significant date growers. The state government, says date farmer Nizamuddin in Tamil Nadu's Karur District, is not paying enough attention to date farming. Our greatest challenge is getting subsidies from the government to grow our farms, something we are accustomed to dealing with daily as farmers.


Every year, during Ramadan, young enthusiasts bring more goods into the market to reap profits of the high season. But, most of the importers, who are new into the business, cannot sell all of their goods due to a lack of contact/customer base. The remaining unsold goods are the chunk that bites their profit margins. One can easily rely on us to get their goods sold and the maximum productivity from their business.
We are the most reliable and trusted company in the market; we have been in the business for a while and have a broader customer base. We may purchase all of your goods in cash at the best rates in the market. We can either sell all your dates consignments, or we can buy all of your dates in one go, depending on the price negotiated.
We also have a team to clear your consignment from the customs, and we can offer you the best rates for customs clearance at Nhava Sheva port. Our associates specialize in releasing the Consignments of Dates coming from Iran, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and other middle eastern countries.  
 We are based in Navi Mumbai, and one can reach out to us by email or contact us at the below details.
Email - hurzuk.abid@gmail.com
Call 8879666906      
Hurzuk Enterprise LLP

Final Thought

There have been no significant issues with international date trading, apart from the Food Standards Authority of India regulations that both exporters and importers must conform to. However, the demand for dates in India is somewhat distinct from that in other countries. Dried dates are the most popular kind of date in the Indian market.

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