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Latest Zahedi Dates | Pind Khajur | Today's Market Rates | Dates Price Per Kilogram in Mumbai (India). 

Latest Zahedi Dates | Pind Khajur Rates | Today's Market Rates | Dates Price Per Kilogram in Mumbai (India) |  Zahidi Dates To offer red Zahedi dates (Pind Khajur) at a lower price than the market, we have established fantastic cooperation with date importers from all around India. Customers in the business-to-business and direct-to-customer segments benefit from the competitive pricing of Zahedi Dates from the date wholesale market in Vashi, one of India's most well-known date marketplaces. We are located near India's biggest dates market, APMC dates market . Therefore, we wholesale and supply wet Zahedi dates (Pind Khajur) in Mumbai and other date marketplaces across India. The date wholesale market in Sanpada/Vashi is one of India's most important date marketplaces, and it provides Zahidi dates at the most reasonable prices in the country. This has allowed us to build fantastic relationships with our business contacts all over the globe by acquiring these unique and

Why You Should Buy Dates From Hurzuk in 2022

Buy Dates From Hurzuk

As you know, dates are one of the wealthiest diets and have many health-friendly effects for all age groups. After learning the positive consequences of the dates (Khajur), everyone wants to buy the dates at the best rates. Nowadays, some of the queries related to dates are common on the internet. The top searches on the internet are APMC dates market, Dates' wholesale rates, Vashi date market, Dates' shop near me, Khajur wholesale market in Mumbai, and more. All the queries mentioned above give an idea about the popularity of dates in India.


If you are a date fruit lover, you must listen to a date wholesaler named "Hurzuk." Yes, Hurzuk is a famous and trusted date seller in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Some people ask, why should they buy dates from Hurzuk? Don't worry! This article will cover all the top reasons for buying the dates from Hurzuk and other necessary information. So, let's get started with the introduction to the Hurzuk business.

Introduction to Hurzuk

Hurzuk Enterprise LLP is a well-known wholesale date supplier in the APMC market in Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. Hurzuk Enterprises was established on April 26th, 2013, and its headquarters are in Seawoods. This company has a prominent name in export and general trading. Primarily, Hurzuk offers services and products in the food industry. The business exports Iranian and exotic Medina dates in bulk. The overall business structure is based on three business segments: importing, supplying, and wholesaling.

Furthermore, Hurzuk is a client-oriented company striving to satisfy its valued customers, ensuring the required services and products. In our experience, Hurzuk's customer care is the company's primary asset, and the employees always want the highest customer satisfaction. They are updating them day-by-day to give the latest updates to their customers every moment. In a nutshell, Hurzuk is one of the most trusted wholesale date suppliers offering business-to-business services in India.

Top Reasons to Buy Dates From Hurzuk

Whenever you ask someone about where to buy dates, The person will tell you to buy dates from Hurzuk. There are many significant reasons behind this answer. To give you a better idea of the popularity and services of Hurzuk, we have enlisted the fundamental causes in the following:

Customer service is great.

Hurzuk always cares for its customers and strives to give the dates according to their needs and requirements. You can ask queries about the services, dates, price, delivery, or anything. In short, they are the best wholesale dealers of dates, having state-of-the-art support. We assure you will get a sky-high level of customer satisfaction.

Latest Updates

As we are all in a dynamic world, Hurzuk always tries to meet the requirements of the busy world. The team constantly works to notice every change and update in the industry. They provide unbeatable and quality services in updating their valuable buyers. 

High-Quality Standards

Due to being one of the well-known companies in India, they always ensure high-quality standards and ensure optimum quality of the dates. It does not matter if you are a local or foreign resident; you will get the best quality dates at a very reasonable wholesale price. 

planned structure

A flawless structure is necessary to run a service or company to give a seamless performance to its customers. Here we are going to quote another critical aspect of the Hurzuk Company. The brand has an all-in-all well-structured plan to execute in any situation. The overall strategy involves standard policies and versatile skills to meet all the needs and requirements of the customers. You will not find any issues with ordering and delivering the dates to your doorstep.

Hurzuk Culture

The Hurzuk team always follows all the ethical standards inside and outside of business. They return value to their customers for the money they have paid.

Hurzuk named these ethical standards "Hurzuk Culture." It means ethics are a part of the company's core values. They also have a slogan related to Hurzuk culture. They said, "excellent work environment is the basis of superior customer support."

For many years, Hurzuk has been updating its business policies to ensure excellent services to its valuable customers. The world is witness to the appreciation of the Hurzuk business from customers that belong to numerous industries. 

Highest Number of Satisfied Clients

Due to all the quality services mentioned above, Hurzuk is the benchmark in India. They have successfully acquired clientele-based admiration across the world. Also, they gained great honour from their happy clients.

Deals on a Variety of Dates

As a famous brand, Hurzuk does not deal in single dates. However, you can get any type of date from them. They import all kinds of dates from Saudi Arabia. In simple words, you don't need to bother yourself to buy dates from many shops. Just take the services from Hurzuk and get all kinds of dates in one spot. 

Know More About Hurzuk Enterprise LLP

If you have read all the related information about Hurzuk and want to buy dates at a wholesale rate, check out all the contact information and other details about Hurzuk. 

Physical Address

Hurzuk has a physical business in Mumbai. Check out this detailed address of the brand. The address is 403 Magnus Residency, Plot 106 Dattatray Tandel Marg, New Sector-50, Sector 50, Seawoods Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400706, India.

Contact Information

For your convenience, the Hurzuk brand offers you the comfort of contacting them via WhatsApp messages. Their dedicated and skilled team is always online on WhatsApp to resolve and answer all your queries. Don't hesitate to contact Hurzuk because they would love to help you. Besides this, you can also get them via direct phone call. They also answer and assist you, even on call. Here are the Hurzuk contact numbers:

WhatsApp: 08879666906

Call us Now at 088796 66906

Working Hours

To provide you with all-inclusive and non-stop services, Hurzuk works 7 days a week and 15 hours a day. The business hours are:

Mon-Sun: 7:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Wrapping Up

Hurzuk is a popular wholesaler of dates. Besides the high-quality dates, they ensure you all the things that a customer demands from them. In conclusion, we have mentioned the prominent reasons you should buy dates from Hurzuk. We hope our information will be helpful to you.


Hurzuk Enterprise LLP-Company Information 

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