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Latest Zahedi Dates | Pind Khajur | Today's Market Rates | Dates Price Per Kilogram in Mumbai (India). 

Latest Zahedi Dates | Pind Khajur Rates | Today's Market Rates | Dates Price Per Kilogram in Mumbai (India) |  Zahidi Dates To offer red Zahedi dates (Pind Khajur) at a lower price than the market, we have established fantastic cooperation with date importers from all around India. Customers in the business-to-business and direct-to-customer segments benefit from the competitive pricing of Zahedi Dates from the date wholesale market in Vashi, one of India's most well-known date marketplaces. We are located near India's biggest dates market, APMC dates market . Therefore, we wholesale and supply wet Zahedi dates (Pind Khajur) in Mumbai and other date marketplaces across India. The date wholesale market in Sanpada/Vashi is one of India's most important date marketplaces, and it provides Zahidi dates at the most reasonable prices in the country. This has allowed us to build fantastic relationships with our business contacts all over the globe by acquiring these unique and

Mazafati dates Wholesalers and Suppliers.

Mazafati dates Wholesalers and Suppliers.

The harvesting season for Mazafati dates begins in August and lasts until the end of October, depending on the variety. Fresh dates of this sort are the most popular for eating on the go and at the dinner table. You may consume nutritious fruit regularly. You may keep many dates outside in a room. Despite this, the storage conditions for various dates are a bit different. You should keep these dates at home and in the refrigerator for future use if possible. The key to eating dates is to remove them from the fridge three hours before you want to consume them.

We supply dried and fresh dates from Navi Mumbai, as we are a date exporter. If you are an international buyer of fresh dates, we can assist you in identifying a supplier that can meet your needs at the best possible price. We provide our clients with wholesale dates in bulk (B2B).

Iranian Bam Mazafati Dates.

Introduction to Mazafati Dates fruit:

As one of the world's largest date producers, India plays a significant role in the global date industry. Approximately 1.2 million tonnes of Navi Mumbai Dates are produced per year. In addition, the health benefits of the date fruit family have been recognised for a long time. Even though science has shown this, humans continue to like these black fruits primarily due to their flavour. Fresh Dates (Mazafati, Hurmma, Rotab, and Bam Dates) are the most popular products in the date family and have a distinct flavour.

As with Navi Mumbai Dates, Mazafati Dates (sometimes referred to as Mazafati dates or the Kimia date) have grown in popularity over the past decade. There are more than 30 varieties. The product's unique qualities and cultural significance make it a popular choice in the marketplace. Ramadan is a time of fasting for many Muslims throughout the globe. These Navi Mumbai Dates fruits are a popular choice for one of the most important religious ceremonies in the world. Dates from Navi Mumbai's Mazafati Dates vendors are exported during the month-long Muslim religious festival.

Mazafati Dates have higher moisture content than other dates and are classified as fresh dates, making them superior in quality. Customers should expect a wet product (up to 35% moisture level) with a deliciously soft texture. This is why it's so prevalent in most Asian and European markets. When it comes to trading fresh Navi Mumbai Dates, particularly in the wholesale market, the biggest issue faced by date importers is maintaining their goods in excellent condition when harvesting, storing, and transporting them.

Authenticity: Mazafati Dates

People in six southern Indian regions are often called "Navi Mumbai Dates growers. Farmers in Kerman and Sistan provinces grow the freshest Mazafati dates. Fresh Mazafati Dates are grown in Bam, a tiny city in Kerman province. It's also worth noting that the Mazafati Dates' specifications vary from region to region. As a result, not only will the items have a varied moisture content, but they will also have a distinct flavour and texture.

Mazafati Dates importers and exporters in the destination nations must verify additional technical points during the purchase of Mazafati Dates. Finding a supplier or wholesaler who is conversant with all national and international regulations is not an easy task. (More information may be found in the Post area of the website.)

Prices from Navi Mumbai's Mazafati Dates Wholesalers and Suppliers

In general, the price of fresh dates is dictated by the target market's needs. Prices for Mazafati Dates Wholesale Supply are often affected by factors such as packaging. The Mazafati Dates goods are usually prepared in bulk by the Navi Mumbai Dates manufacturers. It implies they utilise five or 10-kilogram packs for drier Mazafati Dates and 450 g, 600, and 700 g packs for moister Mazafati Dates. When it came to the latter, each of the 12 infant boxes was accompanied by a mother box.

The overall packaging of Mazafati Dates may need to be re-sorted and repackaged using higher quality and printed card boxes for EU markets. If the re-sorting or packaging materials are of poor quality, date prices will rise by 5 to 15%.

Navi Mumbai Dates' specialty markets have additional criteria that may affect the product's price. Dates manufacturers may be forced to submit extra certifications such as sustainability evaluations or CSR assessments by consumers who concentrate on the retail chain of respectable firms (bio-Dates certificates).

Potential Customers' Dates: Mazafati

We believe that every market for dates has its own unique requirements. If you're importing dates from the CIS nations, you'll require a different quality and pricing than if you're purchasing dates from Europe. Dates sellers (especially fresh date exporters) need to understand this nutritious product to meet market demands. As a result, dates are imported into Europe, India, Russia, East Asia, the CIS region, Turkey, and other nations. Fresh Mazafati Dates are in great demand because of their enormous production volume, which results in the best quality at the best price.

In addition, as a unique kind of fresh fruit, Mazafati Dates (Fresh Dates) must have realistic and alternative competitive commercial solutions for all consumers and enterprises in a continuously changing market. The rising demand for dates from merchants in the target nations is another major factor in the date markets. For the retail portion, various date importers and date wholesalers are active, and this market segment is growing at a rapid pace.


We are the dealers/traders/of fresh Mazafati Dates, wholesalers and suppliers based in Navi Mumbai. Our prime business is to supply Black Mazafati Dates at the APMC Dates Market located in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. Our associates are one of the biggest importers of Iranian Mazafati Dates in India who supply quality dates in the Vashi Dates Market. We believe in quality. That's what we deliver to our clients.

Please email or send me your comments regarding possible date promotions so we may try something out if you think it is suitable! 
Today, check out the Mazafati Dates wholesale price in Mumbai, Maharashtra. We are just one click away. Let us assist you with any questions or concerns from day to night and help you find genuine wholesalers and date suppliers across India. 
With their unique delicacy, fantastic health benefits, and variety of textures and flavours, dates can make a huge difference. Before purchasing the premium dates, check with us for a compiled list of the best date suppliers in India that you can reference before placing an order. Keep a box of dates stored in the house, and make sure to have a few dates daily.

Buy Dates at best market rates
Mazafati dates Wholesalers and Suppliers.

We assist with the import and trade of fresh Iranian Bam Mazafati Dates in India. We are a wholesale supplier and an online retailer. The dates business was developed with an emphasis on simplicity, convenience, and speed to deliver high-quality products at a price that is not possible without our brand. As one can see, there are no hard or soft limits whatsoever when it comes to all things Iranian Bam Mazafatati Dates. Our goal is far more than just selling Persian Bam Mazafati dates; we have provided customers for decades with everything from custom orders to large-scale shipments based directly upon customer feedback. Customers choose who they want us to serve by giving their specific request, which includes: What time would you like? Please call us at ( +91-8879666906). If you have any additional questions, please contact me immediately to address your concerns effectively!


Not Just Nearly Checkout, But Really Checkout the Mazafati Dates B2B wholesale price in India today.


We deal in bulk quantities of freshly imported Mazafati Dates. We are located near the APMC market in Vashi and supply Mazafati dates to Vashi Market and different markets throughout India. Our prices include tax and GST. Call or email to book your order now! We offer our best services for all types of customers, from traders to wholesalers, small businesses, retailers, and consumers. For wholesale orders, contact us today by sending an email to Contact Details-Sales Tel: +91 8879666906.

We also have Mazafati Dates in plastic packaging similar to Kimia Dates in various brand names, readily available to dispatch.




The Original Kimia Dates


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