Latest Zahedi Dates | Pind Khajur | Market Rates | Dates Price/1kg in Mumbai (India).

Latest Zahedi Dates | Pind Khajur Rates | Market Rates | Dates Price/1 kg in Mumbai (India) | 

To offer red Zahedi dates (Pind Khajur) lower than Market Rates, we have established fantastic cooperation with Dates Importers from all around India. Customers in the business-to-business and direct-to-customer segments benefit from the competitive pricing of Zahedi Dates from the date wholesale market in Vashi, one of India's most well-known dates marketplaces.

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The Zahedi date (also known as Wet Zahidi and Dry Zahidi) is the only Date often used to produce natural date goods in India. Most organic Zahedi Date products are grown in the northern Iraqi regions. In Iraq's tropical urban neighborhoods, these Dates are often filled with various items.
Imported - Pind Khajur | Wet Zahedi Dates |


Pind Khajur, Zahedi dates are medium in size and shape, unmistakable oval. They have a light earthy-colored skin, a thick outer cover, and a bright interior bulk surrounding a single seed in the center of the fruit. Zahedi date is semi-dry on the surface, with a somewhat sweet, nutty, and rich flavor reminiscent of dried apricots. Zahedi date has an unassuming taste that is reminiscent of dried apricots.


Depending on the weather, Zahedi dates are available throughout the autumn and winter months.

Facts of the Present

The Zahedi date palm, a member of the Palmae family, has been given the scientific name Phoenix dactylifera. The Zahedi variety of dates is considered a semi-dry variety among the three types of dates available: dry, semi-dry, and delicate. This variety is called the "spread date" because of its light nature and pale tan colour.

Advantages of a healthy diet

Zahedi dates are very nutritious and a high-quality source of nutritional fibre. Their nutritional value is enhanced by the presence of iron and potassium, B vitamins, flavonoids, cancer-preventive compounds, and almost all of the twenty amino acids.


The Zahidi's hard, chewy surface makes it an excellent addition for date bar recipes since it imparts a chewy texture. This semi-delicate selection maintains its most excellent textures in snacks, cakes, and slices of bread while also including new ones. Its unobtrusive pleasantness lends itself to a variety of sweet and elegant uses, or it may be enjoyed on its own as a rough nibble. Chocolate, syrup, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, cream, margarine, coconut, orange, ginger, rosemary, light rum, cognac, almonds, new cheeses, chicken, pig, and bacon are among the free tastes available.


The Zahidi, formally known as Phoenix dactylifera, was initially planted in the Americas in 1902 in California's Central Valley's arid, desert-like climate. A series of experiences considered to Date back to the year 4,000 B.C. is the most well-known of the most recent dates to be discovered. The locally created Zahidi Phoenix dactylifera, native to present-day Iraq, is a rare delight that you can only obtain at ranchers' business sectors or from time to time at specialty food merchants.

Zahedi Dates that are not wet

However, the most common kind of Iranian Zahedi Date fruit is produced in the provinces of Fars and Kerman. Iranian Zahedi Date is a dry fruit that ranges from yellow to light brown, is spherical, is meaty and tasty, and has a long shelf life because it contains less moisture than other Date fruits.

Zahedi's Chronology of Events

Zahedi Dates can be grown in most tropical cities in Iran, such as Khuzestan, Fars, Bushehr, and Kerman provinces. However, they cannot be developed in the following areas:

Bushehr Province is one of Iran's 31 provinces, all of which are located in the country's southernmost region. Because of the dry and hot climate, the province has many date palm trees (palm-only agricultural products of this province exported). Its most considerable output is concentrated in a location known as Dashtestan City in Bushehr Province: Dashtestan is the capital of Bushehr Province. In addition, the city of Dashtestan ranks top in the production of date palms and citrus fruits. Palm agriculture is practiced on around 16,250 hectares of land in the town. The economy of Dashtestan is mostly on agricultural goods, particularly date palms.

A Comparison of Fresh and Dry Dates | What Is the Difference Between Khajur and Chuara

Khajoor and chuara are two different varieties of the same fruit, albeit there are significant variances between the two varieties. Both are referred to as dates in English, with khajur referring to fresh dates and chuara referring to dried dates. Dates are regarded as one of the world's oldest cultivating fruits, having been cultivated as far back as the ancient Egyptians.

In ancient times, the khajur and the chuara were both restricted to a small number of regions throughout the planet. However, as time progressed, the sweetness of the date palm came to occupy a special place in people's hearts throughout the globe. Date palms are planted throughout the Middle East and North Africa, where they produce the most dates in the world. There are hundreds of different dates to choose from on the worldwide market. However, just a handful of the several varieties are regarded as the finest, including Ajwa, Barhi, Medjool, and Deglet Noor dates, which are among the best in the world.

Production Description

This is a date, harvested from the date palm tree. The date palm tree is a palm tree that grows in hot, dry climates. Dates are harvested when they are still green and unripe. They are then dried in the sun for a few days and then sorted by size. Dates are very sweet and make a great snack or addition to many recipes. Zahedi Dates are a type of dates that comes from the Middle East. They are harvested when they are still green and unripe and then dried in the sun for a few days. They are then sorted by size. These dates are very sweet and make a great snack or addition to many recipes.

Wet Zahedi Dates | Pind Khajur 

Variety:                      Zahedi Dates / Pind Khajur
Origin:                       Iraq
Port of Discharge:     Mumbai
Product Category:    FMCG/Consumer Goods
Packing Type:           Plastic Pack
Average Weight:       32kg/Bag
MOQ:                         10 Tons
Rates:                        Wholesale/Bulk 
Price Range:.            Rs 40/kg to Rs 50/kg (as per season and availability)
Payment Terms:        Cash and Carry
Processing Time:      Quick/Same Day Dispatch
Shipping Charges:    As Per Transport (West Bengal, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu).


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