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Halal Beyond Ramadan Brands Champion Inclusivity and Representation in a Growing Market

Halal Beyond Ramadan: Brands Champion Inclusivity and Representation in a Growing Market

As the crescent moon rises, signalling the commencement of Ramadan, millions of Muslims worldwide, including the estimated 3.85 million in the United States, embark on a spiritual journey of fasting and reflection. This sacred month fosters a spirit of community, with shared prayers and celebratory meals breaking the daily fasts.

For many Muslims, their dietary needs adhere to Islamic law, dictating the consumption of "halal" products – those free from specific ingredients and sourced and processed by religious guidelines. Notably, the global halal market is projected to reach a staggering $3 trillion by 2023, and its influence extends far beyond the realm of food. Today, we witness a growing trend of brands, from cosmetics to pharmaceuticals, recognizing the potential of the burgeoning Muslim demographic and the inherent value of inclusivity in today's diverse landscape.

Embracing Diversity: Halal Goes Mainstream

"American brands are often overlooking a significant market segment – Muslims," asserts Shayn Prapaisilp, COO of Global Foods Group, an international grocery store specializing in halal products. He accentuates the vast culinary tapestry within halal food, extending far beyond the stereotypical image of Middle Eastern cuisine.

Ammar Ahmed of the non-profit ICNA Relief underlines the significance of access to culturally significant foods as a gesture of respect and fostering a sense of belonging. Their Ramadan food distribution program, spanning across 24 states, exemplifies how catering to specific dietary needs fosters a sense of community and cultural appreciation.

Brands Championing Representation and Inclusivity

Several brands are taking a bold stance, championing representation and inclusivity by supporting the Muslim community:

  • MagicDates: Founded by Diana Jarrar, a Syrian-Palestinian refugee, MagicDates offers not only halal but also vegan, gluten-free, and all-natural options, including chocolate-covered dates and nutrient-rich snack bites. Jarrar goes beyond offering delectable products, leveraging her business platform to advocate for social justice and forge partnerships with organizations supporting Syrian refugees and empowering future leaders.
  • Mora Cosmetics: Minara El-Rahman and Jasmine Dayal address a crucial gap in the beauty industry by offering halal and vegan makeup that aligns with their Muslim and Sikh values. Their mission extends beyond mere cosmetics, encompassing ethical sourcing, sustainable packaging, and celebrating the diverse spectrum of beauty.
  • Baba's: Inspired by their Palestinian immigrant father, siblings Rana Kamal and Khalid Ansari share their family's love for hummus through their brand "Baba's." Their passion goes beyond commerce, aiming to showcase the rich tapestry of Palestinian-American culinary traditions and empower minority business founders.
  • Boxed Halal: Founded by Ibrahim Ali and Iqra Isphahani, Boxed Halal bridges the gap for Muslims lacking access to readily available options. They provide convenient access to fresh, ethically sourced, and halal-certified meat products across the U.S.

A Trend With Momentum: Beyond Observance

The emergence of halal brands transcends the immediate observance of Ramadan. It reflects a societal shift towards celebrating diversity, catering to varied communities, and appreciating their unique traditions. As the Muslim population in the U.S. continues to grow, we can expect an even more pronounced integration of halal principles by brands, fostering a more diverse and inclusive marketplace that reflects the evolving cultural landscape.

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