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Top 7 Best Quality Dates In India In 2022 At Best Prices
Best Quality Dates In India In 2022

Several vitamins, minerals, fibres, and antioxidants are present in dates, making them one of the healthiest dry fruits. By consuming dates( khajur), you can promote brain health, promote natural labor, prevent bone-related conditions (such as osteoporosis), regulate blood sugar, and lower cholesterol.


When buying Dates in India, it is essential to purchasing the best brand available in India. Dates that are free of chemicals and additives are the best. Let's find out what the best quality dates are. In this article, we'll discuss different qualities of dates and some other details that are important to know.


Check out our extensive list of the Top 7 best quality dates in India for 2022. Don't let your sweet cravings get the better of you! Try something new, and you'll thank us later!



Our Top Picks in 2022


1- Organic Medjool Dates


Product Specifications




Food to Live


0.5 Pounds

Diet Type


Total Sugars





The history of Medjool comes from Morocco and is also known as the "KING OF HISTORIES". It was once reserved only for the royal family and their guests.


Fasting during Ramadan can be tiring and can be accompanied by headaches, hypoglycemia, lethargy, low blood pressure, and weakness. These type of dates is rich in carbohydrates, fiber, sugar, magnesium, and potassium, so you can get your blood sugar back right after fasting and feel full for longer.


There is nothing more caramel-like than the taste of a Medjool date. Its skin is deep brown and velvety with a deep brown velvety texture. With a wrinkled yet fluffy texture, dates have a moist, sweet and creamy buttery, and almost meat-like rich flavour when first chewed.


The difference between Medjool dates and regular dates is that they come from different varieties of the same plant. Medjool dates soften early during ripening. Regular dates, also known as "Deglet Noor dates," fall under the category of semi-dry dates.


Does Medjool have a higher nutritional value than other dates?


Medjool dates are easy to eat and very soft, but regular dates are usually soaked in water containing a small amount of bicarbonate before being cooked together. In terms of nutritional value, date dates are the same as regular dates, but regular dates are high in fibre, fat, and protein.




     It helps prevent and relieve constipation.

     It has antioxidant properties.

     It helps prevent and relieve constipation.




     Having a little toothy.

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2- Al Ajwa Dates


Product Specifications




Ajwa Dates


1.76 Pounds


0.2 grams


6 grams


0 grams


Ajwa dates are a combination of dry and soft varieties that are sweet and soft in the mouth. This feature makes it possible to buy Ajwa dates online in India. Just a handful of Ajwa dates taken in the morning are said to protect people from many potential health risks in the long run.


These best quality dates are God's gift to humanity. The primary use of Ajwa date seed powder is in treating cholesterol and cardiovascular congestion problems. The paste prevents and treats heart disease. Ajwa Date is a soft and dry date from Saudi Arabia.


Finally, these dates are relatively more expensive than other types, but consider the range of date benefits.


What vitamins do Ajwa dates contain?


Ajwa Dates also contain small amounts of vitamin C, B1 thiamine, B2 riboflavin, and nicotinic acid. There is a high sodium, potassium, zinc, and calcium content in date meat. Ajiwadate, on the other hand, has an essential effect on treating bacterial infections.





     Easy to store

     Good Packaging

     Contain high fibre

     bite-sized dried fruit




     A little bit expensive.

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3- Khudri Dates


Product Specification





400 Grams


Saudi Arabia

Maximum Shelf Life

6 months




Khudri dates are more significant than other dates. Khudri is a prevalent data type not specific to a particular country. That's why you can find it in different quality varieties on this date. Khudri dates are soft and dark in colour, and dates are also known as Khadrawi and Khadrawy.


These top-quality Dates are popular with their plump bodies, large sizes, caramel-like taste, and crunchy consistency. You can eat it as is or cut it and fill it with walnuts, almonds, whipped cream, etc. You can fill it with endless possibilities.


These great dates don't just make your mouth happy. Extreme nutritional values will also make your heart, bones, and brain happy. Khudri Dates are packed with fiber, potassium, and magnesium, among other vitamins and minerals, and I can't wait to reboot the whole system.


Is Kudori's date palm healthy?


It has a sweet and chewy texture. It also contains antioxidants and nutrients known to reduce the risk of heart disease and support digestion. These high-quality Indian Dates are packed with natural sugar (glucose and fructose) and can be used as a refined sugar substitute.





     Rich with magnesium

     Contain natural sugars

     It helps maintain the heart's rhythm.

     Improve blood circulation




     Limited storage life.

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4- Kimia Dates


Product specifications






550 Grams



shelf life

15 days


(A, B9, C)



Kimia is one of the most delicious dates, thanks to its sweet, smooth skin and flesh-like texture. Kimia dates, also known as Safavi, are imported from Saudi Arabia. They come in very soft, sweet, and dark colours.


It is rich in carmidate, thiamine, riboflavin, nicotinic acid, folic acid, vitamin A and vitamin K, calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium, sugar, fibre, and zinc.


Kimia is a deep brownish black that can be eaten raw and dry and is ideal for some desserts. Apart from the above types of date palms in India, there are many more to add to the list, such as Kholas, Zahidi, Sukkari, Anbara and Hayany.


This best-quality date is considered one of India's best dates as it has many healing properties. It is also used to treat anemia, addiction, and digestive problems.


How are the original Kimia dates determined?


Kimia Dates are easy to identify. The original Kimia date is either dark brown or black. They are so soft that they can be crushed if held tightly between your thumb and forefinger.





     Better quality hygienic

     Regulate blood pressure and help in kidneys function.

     Improve weakness

     help pacifies any feelings of hunger.




     Short Self life.

     Packing is not good.

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5- Mabroom Dates


Product Specifications






64 mg


0.15 g


500 Grams


Saudi Arabia


The Mabroom date is a variety of soft dried date palms cultivated mainly in the western peninsula of Saudi Arabia. Mabroom is a dark chestnut plant with an elongated shape and rich chestnut colour. The meat is slightly sweet and chewy. The body of a mabroom date is long and narrow.


Mabroom dates are one of the best dates to eat. They are rich in potassium, magnesium, selenium, zinc, dietary fibre, and sodium. These nutrients help strengthen heart function, improve cognitive function, and reduce stress.


Imported directly from Saudi Arabia, date palm trees are known for their long trunk, thick skin, and rich flavour. These top-quality Indian Dates have antibacterial and antifungal properties that prevent cancer development.


They are rich in natural antioxidants that have the potential to repair damage caused by free radicals. As a result, wrinkles and fine lines are reduced in the long run. It keeps the skin elastic and makes it look shiny and healthy.


Are Mabroom dates healthy?


Mabroom dates are filled with natural sugar and small in size so that they can be consumed sparingly. Dates are a source of iron and help prevent anemia.





     High in fibre, vitamins, and minerals.

     Improve bone health and bone mass.

     Zip lock packaging

     Good quality





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6- Flyberry Gourmet Medjoul Date


Product Specifications




Flyberry Gourmet


1 Kilogram




1 month


7 grams



Flyberry's Medjool Date Palms are perfect for eating as they are naturally sweet, do not fatten, contain no cholesterol, and have maximum moisture and softness. Known as the king's fruit, the date palm can increase energy.


These top-quality dates will melt in your mouth as soon as you consume them. They are dark in the shade and very rich in dietary fibre. This is an ideal choice for a light meal, especially for those who want to pamper themselves with healthy options.


They are considered the tastiest dates of all the large, soft, and cultivated varieties. It contains lots of water, so eating it fresh makes it delicious. Medjool Dates are valid for 12 to 15 days at room temperature.


The top-quality dates packaging is sturdy and comes in various quantities from 1 kg to 5 kg and even 500 grams. If you want to store these dates for a long time, it is recommended to store them in a cool and dry place.


What makes Medjool's dates so unique?


Medjool dates contain antioxidants and nutrients that can reduce the risk of heart disease, promote digestion and support heart health.





     Contain natural sugar

     Digested quickly

     Reduces the risk of heart disease.

     Rich in Dietary Fibre.

     Low fat and sodium content.




     The product is good, but the price isn't worth it.

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7- Sagai Dates


Product Specifications




Royal Palm




14.1 Ounce (Pack of 1)

Shelf Life

18 months


Arabian Peninsula


Sagai Dates have a unique flavour and are popular with all dates. Sagai dates are easily distinguishable by the distinctive yellow rim on the caramel-coloured rectangular body. Sagai Date is known for its balanced taste that does not succumb to the palate.


It is generally slightly sweet and ideal for the diet of people with diabetes (it contains natural sugars, so it does not harm the body even when taken in limited quantities).


Sagai Date is a blessing of nature, famous for its softness, sweetness, and sweetness. These dates are grown in the Arabian Peninsula. Saudi Arabian Dates have wrinkles but no flakes. It is best to improve digestion, prevent anemia, and boost immunity.


These top-quality Indian dates are rich in nicotine, a vitamin that helps heal intestinal diseases. Regularly using these dates also helps accelerate pathological organisms' growth, which helps maintain gut health. Combining cardamom powder and honey, Sagai Date Palm helps to overcome sexual weakness.


Are Sagai Dates suitable for people of all ages?


 Date trees from Sagai are an excellent source of nicotine. It is great for curing nicotinic bowel diseases. Also, regular use of these dates will help support the growth of pathological organisms. This helps the growth of friendly bacteria that keep the gut healthy. Sagai date can keep your heart healthy and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease when taken regularly.







     Improve digestion

     Increases breast milk

     It can Prevent Anemia.

     Relieve alcoholic intoxication quickly.




     Very dry.


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Final Verdict


The mood is directly affected by food. Dates are a good source of nutrients our bodies lack and are a tasty and sweet alternative to these unhealthy snacks.


There are many dates, and the appearance varies from variety to variety. However, some things apply to everyone. When you buy a date online, you should look for an expiration date.


You can also read the reviews to get a fair idea of the product. I hope you have all the information about Top Best Quality Dates In India. But aside from these benefits, I also share various brands in India that are known to produce top-quality products.

Therefore, before purchasing, please review the guidelines and make a habit of consuming dates every day. It does not have any side effects or harm to health.





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