How to Start a successful Dates Business (In India)

How to Start a successful Dates Business (In India)
How to Start a successful Dates Business (In India)

How to Start Dates Business (In India)

Dates are among the favourite fruit items, especially in the subcontinent, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and many other countries. Fresh dates prevent you from many harmful diseases because of their direct and indirect benefit. Therefore, the demand for Dates business in India increases day by day. Running a dates business in Mumbai is less costly and more profitable. However, a question arises here, how to start a dates business in Mumbai, India?

So, let's get deeper! We shall provide all the minor details about starting the dates business in India and all other relevant information in this article.

Information about Dates (Khajur) in India

In India, the cultivation of Dates (Khajur) is mainly pursued in Kutch, a district of Gujarat. Due to high demand and profit, India is one of those regions having a high demand for dates. Firstly, it's up to you whether you want to import the dates from any other country like Saudi Arabia or arrange dates from India. After finalizing, move towards the next step. Remember that further efforts are almost similar whether you import dates or buy within India.

Dates (Khajur) Demand in Indian Market

People are becoming more aware of the sugar levels in the body and searching for alternative and appealing methods to satisfy their sweets cravings. It is observed that dates (khajur) are the best alternatives to sugar, and it has no side effects because of having natural sugar. Due to all these reasons, the demand for dates increases daily.

Necessary Stuff and Machines

Every business needs their related stuff to start with. Don't worry! Running a Dates business does not require a lot of equipment. Here is some good news for you that you can even start this business at home. Check out our provided machines and equipment list that you should purchase for dates company. Keep in mind that you can skip any equipment depending upon your budget and other aspects.

·    Weighing scale

·    Vacuum thermoform packaging equipment.

·    Printer for your advertisement paper.

·    Cutters

·    Food storage containers

·    Other necessary handling stuff.

How much area do you need for dates Packaging?

To start the dates business in the subcontinent, you would definitely need to have a certain area for packaging purposes. We recommend you to have at least 1200 to 1500 square feet area and utilize that space for packaging and other tasks.

Essential Raw Materials

Following are a few necessary raw materials that you must buy to start dates business.

·    Dates (khajur)

·    Polystyrene film roll

·    PET film roll

·    Cutter and knife.

·    Printing Inks.

Investment vs. Profit

If you want to know about the investment for dates business, you will be glad to see that it's a low investment and highly profitable business. You can start even if you don't have a huge investment. According to our estimate, you can begin dates business with only 1 or 2 lac rupees (with basic equipment). If you have no financial issues, it can take up to 12 to 15 lac.

Let's talk about the profit. According to our estimation, if your production is 100kg per day, you can easily make a profit of up to 4000 to 5000 per day. So, you can make further calculations on your own.

Power Requirement

If you start from ground level with normal daily production, you can easily run this business with an 8kW power supply.

Required Manpower

You can start a khajur business by hiring 8 to 10 people (skilled and unskilled). It's better to start this business with your family members to get more profit.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, it was all about startinga dates business from scratch. To assist you in starting up with the dates business, we have tried sharing every minute detail of the date's business. Now, it all depends on your hard work and sincerity in following up the things.

In short, the Khajur business in Bharat is highly profitable, and we hope you will also make a huge profit from it.

So Let's Eat and Sell the Dates!

How to Start Dates Business (In India)
Dates Business In India


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