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Latest Zahedi Dates | Pind Khajur | Today's Market Rates | Dates Price Per Kilogram in Mumbai (India). 

Latest Zahedi Dates | Pind Khajur Rates | Today's Market Rates | Dates Price Per Kilogram in Mumbai (India) |  Zahidi Dates To offer red Zahedi dates (Pind Khajur) at a lower price than the market, we have established fantastic cooperation with date importers from all around India. Customers in the business-to-business and direct-to-customer segments benefit from the competitive pricing of Zahedi Dates from the date wholesale market in Vashi, one of India's most well-known date marketplaces. We are located near India's biggest dates market, APMC dates market . Therefore, we wholesale and supply wet Zahedi dates (Pind Khajur) in Mumbai and other date marketplaces across India. The date wholesale market in Sanpada/Vashi is one of India's most important date marketplaces, and it provides Zahidi dates at the most reasonable prices in the country. This has allowed us to build fantastic relationships with our business contacts all over the globe by acquiring these unique and

Kalmi Dates at the Lowest Price in India | Black Kalmi Dates for Sale | Safawi Dates 

Where to Buy Black Kalmi Dates in India at the Lowest Price?

Kalmi Dates: Saudi Arabia's Al-Madina area is home to a soft, moist kind of date known as Safawi dates (Kalmi Dates). Safawi dates are a soft, wet variety known as Safawi dates. Safawi dates are distinguished by their distinctive deep black colour and the fact that they are composed of medium-sized and lengthy fruits, which distinguishes them from other varieties.

We are headquartered in Navi Mumbai and specialise in supplying Kalmi Dates to the Vashi Dates Market in Navi Mumbai, where we are based. In addition, superior quality Safawi Dates imported from Madina, Saudi Arabia, are in great demand in the APMC Market Vashi, available in large quantities. The best quality Kalmi dates are available from us in Mumbai. We provide Kalmi dates across India to wholesalers and retailers that demand the highest quality dates at the most competitive pricing. Do CheckOut Dates Today's Price for 5kg.

Buy Black Kalmi Dates
Buy Black Kalmi Dates | 100% Organic & Natural Dates

Delicious Kalmi Safawi Dates with a Light, Fruity Flavor

The most acceptable dates in Navi Mumbai are pressed and sent to you in little pockets of meticulously constructed fundamentals. Safawi, Black Kalmi Dates, like the rest of us, have a complicated connection with them. Nobody can resist the common pleasantness that dates bring to the table, regardless of how much one likes or dislikes the surface of the object in question. They not only fill your tongue with a burst of pleasantness, but they also fill your stomach with a substantial amount of beneficial dietary fibre. Kalmi Khajoor is well-known for its use on auspicious days, so it is included.

The following are the health benefits:

  • It helps to improve respiratory function.
  • It helps to eliminate anemia.
  • Disorders of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Constipation
  • Constipation and diarrhoea
  • reduces or eliminates low back discomfort.
  • lowers elevated cholesterol levels.
  • It is effective in treating bronchitis.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • The most effective treatment for skin disorders.
  • Beneficial in the treatment of peptic ulcers

Safawi Dates have 7 health benefits.

Saudi Arabia's Safawi dates are soft, moist, and downright delectable dates that are farmed in the city of Madinah. These dates are midnight black and have a similar appearance and flavour to Medjool dates. Although Safawi dates are widely sought after by the people of Saudi Arabia and the rest of the globe owing to their health advantages and delectable flavour, the price of Safawi dates remains affordable.

The following are some of the health benefits of Safawi dates.

1. constipation is relieved

The primary health advantage of Safawi dates is their high nutritional content because they contain elements like iron and calcium. It typically contains 1% iron and 1% calcium per 20g serving, with the iron content being the highest.It also contains a lot of sulfur, iron, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, copper, and magnesium.

2. gastrointestinal disease treatment

A significant health advantage of Safawi dates is that the nourishment they provide, such as iron and calcium, aids in treating digestive ailments. A medium-sized date is a good source of iron and calcium, which may help treat intestinal diseases and prevent these illnesses from occurring in the first place.

3. It is beneficial to the heart.

Safawi dates provide several health benefits for heart patients, one of which is that they help maintain the heart's health and robustness. The date contains zero percent fat and is high in energy, making it a heart-healthy meal.It helps keep the heart muscles strong and allows you to enjoy a heart in good condition. Incorporating these dates into one's diet may also aid in treating heart disease.

4. Helpful for people who suffer from anaemia

Anemic individuals are often required to consume large quantities of medication and undergo costly therapies. Another health advantage of Safawi dates is that they are an excellent source of iron. Anemic patients might benefit from consuming these dates regularly to combat the sickness.

5. Dealing with the issue of sexual dysfunction

The high nutritional content of Safawi dates makes them an excellent choice for treating various sexual dysfunctions, which is an incredible health advantage of eating these dates. Because they are a good source of nutrients, these dates can help with multiple sexual issues. Particular types of sexual dysfunction might develop due to a poor diet or a deficiency in specific nutrients.

6. Diarrhea

Another health advantage of consuming Safawi dates is that it might aid in treating diarrhea. Diarrhea is one of the most severe stomach problems since it may result in severe dehydration. Diarrhea that lasts for an extended period might be fatal. Additionally, diarrhoea must be treated immediately since it causes the veins and stomach to contract, resulting in long-term consequences. Diarrhea may be cured immediately if you consume a balanced quantity of fibre and minerals.

Cancer of the Abdomen

Incorporating Safwai dates into one's diet has several health advantages, one of which is that the belly stays healthy and that the worst types of abdominal disorders, such as abdominal cancer, may be prevented or healed. Given the incredible health advantages of Safawi dates and their nutritional richness, health experts have proclaimed that eating these dates daily is a necessity for living a long and healthy life!

What is it about Safawi dates that makes them unique?

The primary health advantage of Safawi dates is their high nutritional content because they contain elements like iron and calcium. It typically contains 1% iron and 1% calcium per 20g serving, with the iron content being the highest.It also has high levels of sulfur, iron, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, copper, and magnesium, among other elements.

Wholesale Supplier of Black Kalmi Dates | APMC Market Vashi

We are based in Navi Mumbai and are into supplying black kalmi dates in Vashi Dates Market, Navi Mumbai. The Safawi Dates imported from Madina, Saudi Arabia are of superior quality and are highly demanded in the APMC Market in Vashi. We offer the best quality Kalmi dates in Mumbai and supply Kalmi dates across India to wholesalers and retailers who require the best quality dates at wholesale prices. CheckOut Dates for Today's 5kg Price


Black Dates | Safawi
Black Dates | Safawi

Product Description

Kalmi dates are a delicious, sweet treat. They are perfect for any occasion. They are the perfect complement to your coffee or tea. With the delicious, sweet taste of dates, you'll be enjoying them all day long.

Kalmi Dates, Safawi Dates, buy black kalmi dates
Safawi Dates | Black Kalmi Dates | Wholesale Price

  • Dates Black Kalmi Packing Size: 5 kg
  • Packing material: hard box/carton/gift box
  • Packing options include a 20 kg wholesale box or a 5 kg retail carton.
  • Vashi/Sanpada Market, Navi Mumbai, APMC Dates Market
  • Availability: 365 days a year
  • Highest Quality/Premium QualitySaudi Dates
  • Size: Depending on availability (small/medium/large).
  • Prices range from Rs 280/kg to Rs 320/kg.
  • A-Grade Black QualityThe Best Quality Arabian Dates
  • Payment methods include TT/Bank Transfer/DD/LC/Cash/RTGS.
  • Cancellations and refunds: All payments are fully refundable.
  • Transportation is available across India.
  • Country of Origin: Saudi Arabia
  • Port of Dishing: Nhava Seva Port, Mumbai
  • APMC Market Vashi is the nearest market. 
Buy Kalmi Dates


How to Start a successful Dates Business (In India)?

Latest Zahedi Dates | Pind Khajur | Wholesale Rates | Dates Price 1kg in Mumbai (India).

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Safawi Dates Price | APMC Market Vashi


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